Progress or Perfection

Hello to YOU, Marvelous Being,

With coaching various clients of mine recently, I have noticed this trend of aiming for perfection. This is just an ideal that we as human beings chase. 

Who decided what is perfect?

We’re born into families and communities – the microcosm – which exists within larger systems within the world – the macrocosm. Within these systems come a whole variety of beliefs, conditionings, and judgments, among other things. We’re ‘given’ a set of beliefs and conditioning from our parents. Through experience, we form our own beliefs. 

So, somewhere along the way, we create this idea of perfection and what it looks like. Then we strive for it or chase it.

Yet, if you were to place yourself in a different community, city, or culture, that idea of perfection could be very far from the idea of perfection that exists in the new place. So the benchmark gets moved.

Then what exactly are you chasing?

If the benchmark of perfection can be moved along the way, why do we aim for it? Why is it a THING in our minds? 

If we reached the perfection we created in our minds, what more is there for us to do then?

There’s a quote from Lorenzo Snow that says, “Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today.”

Which, in my opinion, ultimately leads us to progress. Gives us forward momentum! That’s what you want. If you are striving to be better than you were yesterday or a week or month ago, then you’re making progress. Before you know it, you will be WAY past what your mind ever conceived you could achieve. You will surprise yourself!

Perfection only leads us into comparison, which is where judgment lives. Whether you’re judging yourself or another, it’s not a healthy place to be and, it certainly won’t help you progress.

On the other hand, progress will lead you into action and reflection, which leads to forward momentum. 

You might say, “It’s just semantics Jade.” However, the effect on consciousness is completely different.

So I leave you with these questions: 

What perfection are you striving for that no longer serves you or keeps you unhappy? 

What would be the progress you’d choose to make instead?

Until next time…

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