YOU are behind everything…

Have you ever thought of yourself as the beginning and end of everything in your life? Probably not. We have been taught that thinking of ourselves first is selfish. 

However, if you look at your life, you are the start and end of it. You are behind everything that happens in your life. This isn’t always an easy concept to embrace because we don’t always want to take responsibility for the events that occur in our life. But YOU are the common denominator in YOUR life. 

When we embark on a journey of self-discovery (or awareness), we learn to reflect on various areas. We can learn so much from doing this. Our triggers show us so much about ourselves, and when we work with the triggers we can resolve many of our challenges. Have you ever asked yourself, when someone irritates you, “what about this person or behavior is triggering me?” Try it! 

Here are a few more reflection questions:

  • What don’t I like about this?
  • How am I the same as this person?
  • Where do I demonstrate behavior like this?
  • What belief of mine is being challenged?
  • What am I being right about?

You see, we can read book after book and consume information and content, but if we are not integrating it, then all that it is is knowledge. Stored content in our operating system – the mind. We can whip it out at any point in time to share in conversation but, it has never been applied. Through reflecting, we can see, learn and grow. 

We can do this in 3 steps:

  • Adjust – reflect on what is happening. What is working, what is not working? Do what works – adjust accordingly.
  • Align – your thinking, speaking, and actions. When we align these three, we live more congruently and with less resistance to life and more momentum to achieve.
  • Action – we cannot achieve anything without this step. There is definitely a balance between being and doing needed. However, we will get nowhere without actioning what we have come to learn.

Pick an area of your life you find challenging and start a reflection process. I have no doubt that if you do the above reflections, that area of your life will improve.

You determine the quality of your life. If you want better experiences and a better life, do and be better. 

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