The Trap: “THIS IS IT”

To the seekers, to those of us on a journey of life long learning or personal discovery, I don’t believe one could ever think & this is it. And yet, we do. We get stuck in a trap of & this is it. The trap of, once I have XYZ, then I will have made it.

If you are a learning freak – like me – you might be enrolling in many training courses with the hopes that the next training will be everything you've been waiting for and answer all your unanswered questions. The missing pieces of the puzzle will finally fall into place!

We can get hooked onto a path of learning, trying to fulfill what we think we may be missing. Maybe it is to create a feeling of worthiness, accomplishment, and success.
Are you relating to what I am saying? If yes, have you stopped to wonder why you are doing this?

I’ve come to realize that we get attached to our journey and the thought or belief that there is a destination.

“Finally! I have arrived.”

In this & “having arrived” thought, we would be implying that we have learned everything we need to learn. Which could mean we are now everything we ever wanted to be. Until of course, we aren’t anymore because this is life and we’re evolving beings. By the mere fact of being human, we exist in a world that evolves.

You see, it is limiting to say & this is it or & I have arrived.Any experience can expand our awareness, so we develop in consciousness and growth happens. When we are actively engaged in a process of personal discovery, we grow faster. I have personally found, there is no arriving. There is just journeying. We can arrive on a level in consciousness and when we step into expanding, we’re on a new
level with new awareness and new challenges.

I heard someone say recently, “If you think this is it, it’s not. If you think you’ve got it, you don’t.” How profound!
It inspired me and I realized the truth in it. I have always described personal development like layers of an onion. We continue peeling back the layers through a process of discovery, and just when we think we understand or have transcended a challenge, a new layer is revealed and there is something new to work on.
Exciting, isn’t it? Growth is on the horizon! Yet again.

Imagine at age 30, arriving at what you think is IT, and then living another 50 years in that same state. Wouldn’t that be incredibly mundane?
Would you want that for yourself?

If you reflect and think for a moment, what area in your life do you want to develop? Which part of you needs attention and growth?
Consciously choose a path to support this rather than chasing fulfillment.
By consciously identifying and choosing, you can empower yourself rather than unconsciously jumping from one form of development to another because you think you are missing something. Worse yet, believing you have arrived and not being genuinely curious about what else is available to you, living life in ignorant ‘bliss’ for years.

I wish to leave you with the following thought; rather than searching for your ‘this is it’ moment, live life as a journey. Transformation is never a done deal. You already have meaning and are worthy. If you think or feel otherwise, it is time to examine your thoughts and beliefs and discover what will support you in being a conscious choice-maker on this journey.


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