Reactive Living

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When we look at these two words, they have the same letters, however very different meanings. They also both involve action. By definition, creation means “the action or process of bringing something into existence.” Creating something from nothing.

When I look around, I see people living reactively. What I mean by this is, they are in reaction to almost everything that happens to them. Generally, reactions are unconscious. We have a mechanism in our brain that triggers the fight, flight, freeze response in us and this is automatic. We don’t think about it. In relationship conflicts, people will often say they said things they did not mean, and this would be the reason.

In a situation of ‘being in reaction,’ the content of your life remains the same. Ultimately you’re pushing the same content around unconsciously and expecting different results from the said reaction.

To be in creation means responding to your life and situations that happen, consciously.

Think about a recent situation where you reacted. What was driving your reaction? If you’re honest with yourself, you were most likely being right about something, like your opinion, justification, or reasoning, which meant you had an unconscious or conscious agenda to sway the situation your way.

This is reactive living.

Being in creation means I am considering what is best for all involved and choosing my response from there. It means that I let go of my opinions and justifications and I am aware of the reaction impulse. From this point, I can slow down, which then enables me to step into a reflective process that will support me to respond consciously.

I’m not saying that this is easy, by any means. It is a muscle to build.
Therefore, to support you moving towards creation, observe your reactions.
Ask yourself, “what is driving my agenda?”
What perspective could you drop or embrace to shift the situation to one of mutual benefit?
Integrate or implement accordingly. Review the outcome and your experience.

I hope that there was a nugget in here for you to inspire you to choose creation rather than reactive living!


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